Yonah could pull more power

C|Net is reporting that Yonah's power consumption could approach 49 watts—nearly double the TDP of existing Dothan-based Pentium M processors. Given Yonah's twin cores, higher peak power consumption wouldn't be entirely surprising. Like current Pentium M processors, Yonah will support clock and voltage throttling; it can even shut down one of its cores to conserve power. Given those power saving technologies, dual-core Yonahs may pull as few watts at idle as single-core Dothans.

In addition to standard Yonah processors, Intel will also release Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage versions of the chip for thin and light notebooks. The TDP for those chips appears to be higher than that of Intel's current LV and ULV Pentium M processors, though. Intel is also looking to fill out the high end of the power consumption spectrum with a 50+ watt Yonah flavor targeted at gamers. The chip would presumably run at higher clock speeds, be targeted at desktop replacement gaming notebooks, and could even find its way into Intel's VIIV platform.

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