nForce Pro 2200 ATX dually available from MSI

The MSI dual-Opteron motherboard we spotted at Computex is now available online. Based on NVIDIA's nForce Pro 2200 chipset, the K8N Master2-FAR has a pair of dual-core-ready 940-pin CPU sockets, dual PCI Express x16 slots, six DIMM slots, dual GigE ports, and plenty of other goodies. However, what makes the K8N Master2-FAR really unique is the fact that it squeezes everything onto a standard ATX board. Most dual-socket nForce Pro 2200 offerings are Extended ATX boards that require larger server or workstation chassis, and although Asus' K8N-DL only just exceeds the ATX footprint, it's not compatible with a number of ATX cases.
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