• Primotech's video interview with Microsoft's Peter Moore on Xbox 360
  • AMDZone on Creative SB X-Fi and NVIDIA nForce4 chipset issues
    and is AMD delaying 65nm?
  • Hardware Secrets takes Kingston factory tour in Fountain Valley, CA
  • OCWorkBench has a screenshot of ULi M1685 reference board (thanks Pjer)
  • TweakGuides updates America's Army tweak guide to version 2.5
  • K-Hardware reviews Athlon 64 X2 3800+ & FX-57 (in German)
  • InsaneTek reviews Corsair Twin2X1024-5400UL matched memory pair
  • HardwareHell reviews XFX GeForceā„¢ 7800 GTX
  • HardwareZone reviews Sony DRU-810A 16X internal DVD writer
  • Monster-Hardware reviews Raidmax Samurai XE 901 case
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