Using 3DNow! for super-cheap supercomputing

We linked a web site a while back about the University of Kentucky’s KLAT2 supercomputer, which runs as a Linux Beowulf cluster. This beast uses Athlons and 3DNow! to get under $1000 per gigaflop of computing power. The web site was kind of spare, but now the Ars guys have posted an article about the KLAT 2, written by the folks who made it happen. I kinda figured this was coming, since Gonzo has the hookup there at U of K. Anyhow, you’ve gotta read this one just to get a look at the cluster setup and its, erm, high-tech cooling solution.

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    • Veritas
    • 19 years ago

    Maybe I will forget buying that corvette ($39,350) and buy 64 Athlon machines and build my own supercomputer…

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