Gizmondo handheld fails to impress

CNN's Chris Morris has an interesting look at Tiger Telematics' Gizmondo handheld gaming device. The Gizmondo will be available in North America this weekend, although the UK has had its hands on the console for nearly a year. Unfortunately, the Gizmondo doesn't appear to have been worth the wait.
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Two years ago, Nokia introduced the N-Gage, which quickly became viewed (by the community, if not the industry) as one of the worst hardware launches in gaming history. Hold on to your hats, folks: Here we go again.
Invoking the N-Gage? Ouch.

With GPS functionality bolstering its gaming and multimedia playback capabilities, the Gizmondo actually has something unique to offer. Unfortunately, the device costs $399 and lacks quality games. A cheaper Gizmondo is available without the GPS software, but that version forces users to sit through 40-second commercials several times a day.

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