Windows 2000 on an Alpha processor?

Now this is good news, if true. MS and Compaq may be prepping a 64-bit version of Windows 2000 to run on the Alpha platform, according to this report. Looks like the reporter talked to a Compaq source about it:
"It's a done deal," I was told Wednesday morning. "Capellas wants Windows 2000 on Alpha and he regrets that Compaq ever cancelled those plans." But there is some confusion about which version of Windows 2000 that will be ported to the Alpha. My current understanding is that it will be Windows 2000/64, not the 32-bit version that was in progress last year.
If you're wondering why the possibility of Win2K on the Alpha is exciting, you may want to read this article on 64-bit architectures. It's fairly technical, but it will give you a good sense of how these exotic, non-x86 rigs compare.
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