Integrated CPU claims killer per-watt performance

A start-up company called P.A. Semi has wowed the folks at the Microprocessor Forum with details of its new system-on-a-chip-style processor. Real World Tech has has a write-up on the design, and they sum up the thing like so:
At the 2005 Fall Processor Forum, P.A. Semi, a three year old start up has come out of the shadows to present a brand new system on a chip (SOC) architecture for high performance embedded designs. Their new PowerPC compatible PWRficient family of products is a no-holds barred attempt at power efficient performance; the proof is in their first MPU the PA6T-1682M. While only dissipating 13W, this 65nm dual core MPU is expected to run at 2GHz and achieve near desktop levels of performance.
Charlie at the Inquirer is also quite taken with the PWRficient concept.

Obviously, a PowerPC-based design isn't likely to make it into mainstream PCs any time soon; the PWRficient line is intended more for embedded applications. Still, if P.A. Semi's power and performance claims pan out, this chip could point the way to future mobile system architectures.

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