Maxtor announces next-gen hard drives

Maxtor has announced new additions to its MaXLine, DiamondMax, and QuickView hard drive families. On the desktop side, the DiamondMax 11 packs 16MB of cache, supports 300MB/sec Serial ATA transfer rates, and will be available in 400GB and 500GB capacities. The enterprise-class MaXLine is also getting an upgrade to 500GB. Like the DiamondMax 11, the MaXLine Pro 500 has 16MB of cache and supports 300MB/sec transfer rates. However, unlike its desktop cousin, the MaXLine Pro gets five years of warranty coverage. The MaXLine Pro's spec sheet also suggests that the drive uses 125GB platters, although it's unclear whether the DiamondMax 11 500GB's platters have the same areal density, and whether the 400GB DiamondMax shares the same platters.
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