Intel 65nm processors overclocked well past 4GHz

This one's already linked in today's Shortbread, but you won't want to miss Anand's sneak peek at overclocking Intel's new 65nm processors. He managed to snag the new 65nm versions of the Pentium 4 and Pentium D, and he's overclocked them to 4.5GHz and 4.25GHz, respectively. Power consumption on these new processors looks better than on the 90nm Prescott and Smithfield chips, but not by enough to really flatter the Netburst microarchitecture.

We don't have any performance numbers for these CPUs at over 4GHz yet, but I'd expect them to be quite a bit more competitive with the Athlon 64 on that front. Unfortunately, Anand says they won't ship at any higher stock clock rates than the current Pentiums.

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