NVIDIA makes GeForce Go 7300 official

NVIDIA has formally announced its GeForce Go 7300 graphics processor.
NVIDIA® GeForce Go 7300 graphics processing units (GPUs) deliver all of the high-definition graphics and video features as well as the outstanding performance of the award-winning GeForce 7-Series GPU architecture to thin and light notebook PCs. With unparalleled graphics through Shader Model 3.0, incredible HD video through NVIDIA PureVideo technology, and longer battery life through NVIDIA’s PowerMizer advanced power management technology, you get the perfect combination of performance and portability for your thin and light notebook PC.
Looking at the GeForce Go 7300's spec sheet, it's clear that the chip won't be a gaming powerhouse. NVIDIA doesn't make explicit mention of the chip's pipeline configuration or core clock speed, but its quoted fill rate, memory bandwidth, and vertices per second numbers don't stack up well against those of the GeForce Go 7800 GTX. According to NVIDIA's spec sheets, the GeForce Go 7300 has roughly one seventh the fill rate and memory bandwidth of the GeForce Go 7800 GTX, and about a third of its vertex processing power.

Of course, the GeForce Go 7800 GTX is a tough chip to match. Even with its significantly lower fill rate and memory bandwidth, the Go 7300 should be able to at least run all the latest and greatest games, albeit at lower resolutions and detail levels. NVIDIA appears to be targeting the chip at thin and light notebooks, as well. For that segment, the Go 7300's PureVideo technology may prove to be far more valuable than its in-game frame rates.

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