New BenQ LCD features 2ms response time

According to a DigiTimes article, BenQ is about to introduce a new LCD its claiming is the fastest monitor ever built. The new design will be explicitly targeted at the gaming market, and will debut in the Asia-Pacific region first, but if it proves successful similar designs will inevitably make their way stateside. From the article:
To decrease its response time, the monitor employs BenQ's original Advanced Motion Accelerator (AMA) technology that accelerates the twisting speed of liquid crystal by increasing the voltage, which helps the monitor increase its performance to a similar level of a CRT monitor.
A 2ms LCD would go a long way towards eliminating "ghosting" issues on modern LCDs, but BenQ's speed comes at a price. The specifications state that this display is capable of 16.2 million colors, rather than the 16.7 million colors that should be available on a standard 8-bit screen. The lower number of display colors means that the BenQ LCD is using a 6-bit color palette rather than an 8-bit, and is dithering to make up the difference. If you're curious about what LCD dithering is, or the differences between an 8-bit and a 6-bit screen, there's an excellent article on the topic available here.
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