Weekly folding update

Greetings gerbils, and welcome to another weekly folding update. With Halloween very near, it is time once again to make Frankenbot scary; throw a couple machines under his name for the next few days and give him a boost. In case you don't know, the TRFrankenbot (affectionately nick-named, "Frankie") is a folding beast made of computer parts donated by members of TR that would otherwise lay idle. Frankie needs your help to grow and prosper, so please do your part and pitch in.

The Folding@home business card contest is going well, and we have a number of entries so far. Please take a second to check it out; you only have until the 19th of November to enter and $50 is up for grabs! The cards can be used to promote your own folding effort, advertise for the team, or just promote folding in general. Think of something different and enter. It doesn't matter if you fold for TR or not. Lastly, what's up with UGN? Where did all that power come from? If there was ever a time to join the nation it's now.

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