NVIDIA closes market share gap with ATI

The green team made some strides last quarter toward catching up with ATI's market share, according to numbers from Jon Peddie Research that have been published by DigiTimes. The JPR report noted big increases in graphics shipments for NVIDIA and about a 2% uptick in total market share from the second to the third quarters of this year. JPR's analyst credited several factors for the change:
"However, with the launch of its flagship GeForce 7 series and the continued success of the GeForce 6 series, Nvidia was able to regain lost segment share in Q305. The delays ATI experienced in bringing its latest generation GPU technology to market also assisted Nvidia in growing share during the period," Epstein concluded.
Intel, of course, remains the leader in the desktop graphics market thanks to monster sales of its integrated graphics chipsets. That steady fact may be shaken this quarter, though, due to a shortage of low-end Intel chipsets.
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