Rambus drama recapped at BusinessWeek

We didn't exactly appreciate the push for RDRAM around here at the time, but it now appears that neither side kept its hands clean in this epic struggle for control of the industry's DRAM standards. In the wake of decisions against several major DRAM manufacturers for price-fixing during the era of the scuffle over RDRAM, Rambus is fighting back in court, and BusinessWeek has taken a look at where things stand now.

Rambus has asked for documents it believes could prove that the DRAM makers conspired against RDRAM. The FTC, however remains unhappy with both sides in this dispute:

Geoffrey Olivery, an FTC attorney on the case, declined to comment. But in a filing opposing Rambus' attempt to reopen the record of evidence in that case, the FTC chides Rambus for seeking to "deflect attention from its own conduct by blaming third parties." The commission's opposition to reopening the record was filed on Sept. 29.

It also calls Rambus' assertion that its technology failed in the marketplace as the result of a conspiracy "irrelevant" and that "even if Rambus' rather implausible-sounding story were true...it would not give Rambus a free pass in this litigation with respect to its unlawful conduct.

If you'd like to fund this little drama further, save up now to buy a Playstation 3. Heh.
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