SCO finally discloses alleged Unix violations

According to an article at CNET, SCO has finally filed a list of 217 specific areas where it claims IBM violated the contracts under which Big Blue was granted access to the Unix operating system. Unfortunately, the list itself was filed under seal, but SCO did provide a short description:
"Some of these wrongful disclosures include areas such as an entire file management system; others are communications by IBM personnel working on Linux that resulted in enhancing Linux functionality by disclosing a method or concept from Unix technology," SCO said. "The numerosity and substantiality of the disclosures reflects the pervasive extent and sustained degree as to which IBM disclosed methods, concepts, and in many places, literal code, from Unix-derived technologies in order to enhance the ability of Linux to be used as a scalable and reliable operating system for business and as an alternative to proprietary Unix systems such as those licensed by SCO and others."

Given the amount of time that's passed since SCO's first wild-eyed claims of infringement, and the company's stunning lack of evidence to date, I personally doubt that there's much ammo in SCO's latest filing. The company has promised a final report on IBM's alleged abuses by December 22nd. Hopefully, it'll bring an end to this particular farce.

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