Fujitsu tapped to produce next-gen S3 GPUs

VIA has announced that Fujitsu will manufacture a new line of "high performance" S3 graphics chips.
Fremont, California, November 1, 2005; Tokyo, November 2, 2005 - S3 Graphics and Fujitsu Limited today announced that Fujitsu will be producing the new range of S3 Graphics' high performance graphics processors, which leverage Fujitsu's 90 nanometer (nm) process technology to enable the realization of graphics processors that feature high speeds and industry-leading performance per watt.

Fujitsu will manufacture the "Chrome" graphics processor family, S3 Graphics' newest and most advanced 3D graphics processors using Fujitsu's leading 90nm process technology, which yields silicon that runs both 25% faster and with power savings of at least 25% compared to chips made with conventional 90nm processes. In leading benchmark tests, the new silicon produced by Fujitsu showed up to 75% performance improvement over earlier S3 Graphics generations, enabling the new range of graphics processors to offer richer Hi-Def™ video features and more vibrant 3D graphics.

Unfortunately, the press release doesn't go into much detail on what we can expect from S3's next-gen graphics chips other than the fact that they'll be manufactured by Fujitsu. Let's hope S3 gets it right this time around.
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