TI announces PCI-to-PCI Express bridge chip

Earlier this week, Texas Instruments announced the availability of its XIO2000 PCI-to-PCI Express bridge chip.
"The XIO2000 allows customers to bridge their existing PCI application to the newer PCI Express architecture without having to worry about compliance and interoperability issues," said Jawaid Ahmad, product marketing manager for TI's Interface Business Unit. "Prior to release we did extensive validation and testing to ensure customers get a compatible device to use with the plethora of add-in cards and root complex devices available in today's market."
The XIO2000's availability could lead to an increase in the number of PCI Express peripherals on the market, although bridged solutions won't necessarily be able to take advantage of all the bandwidth that a single PCI-E lane has to offer. However, TI has also endowed the XIO2000 with the ability hang up to six PCI devices off a single PCI-E lane, allowing manufacturers to stack devices to make better use of available bandwidth. Thanks to DigiTimes for the tip.
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