If you're in the throes of a heated TR comments system debate with bdwilcox or SuperRob and you want to know when your flames have been reciprocated, you might be interested in a little something I cooked up the other day. Click on the little "Tracker..." link in the right-hand column over there under the Top Topics for a nifty little pop-up thingamajig. It refreshes itself every 30 seconds, so you'll be right on top of the top threads, for what it's worth.

Also, finally got the DamageBox III built late last week and this weekend. Ripped out the old stuff and threw in an Abit KA7, GeForce 2, IBM Deskstar 75GXP (20GB), SBLive! card, and an Athlon 500 (now at 700MHz, but headed higher). I've been beating on it with SETI, Q3 demo loops, and some Unreal intro loops, and it's looking pretty stable now at 700MHz. Mobo monitor is tracking temps, and the DB's mondo cooling looks to be doing the trick. The Athlon is fast, but the most striking change has to be the IBM hard drive. Not only is it fast, it's virtually silent. I mean, when the system accesses the disk, I can't hear it at all. Eerie, but good, I think.

But I miss SMP. :(

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