The T-bird rides fat 'n' happy in Slot A

They said it wouldn't happen, but slot-borne versions of AMD's new Athlon Thunderbirds are relatively easy to come by already. Gulliver over at TR hardware sponsor Piecesparts shot me some mail Friday to let me know he had some 700MHz Slot A T-birds in stock. Head over if you want to get a hold of one of these puppies before they dry up. Meanwhile, two of us at TR are already in possession of Slot A T-birds, and overclocking has commenced. We'll let you know how they work out for us.

Meanwhile, this link will take you to a page with some info on a "slocket" adapter for the new Athlons, including a picture of the thing (here's the original German version, and credit JC's for the link). Boy, I'd like to get a hold of one of those. Hmmmmm.

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