Weekly folding update

Saying that The Tech Report's folding team is in the middle of a Golden Age might seem a little over the top to some of you, but you probably haven't been playing as much Civilization IV as I have lately. Seriously, though, I really do think the term fits. Our production is on the rise, new people are joining the team, and there are just so many things going on that it's difficult not to liken it to the Renaissance. Well, maybe that is going a little over the top, but I think you get the idea Good things are happening with the team.

For starters, UnitedGerbilNation is growing incredibly quickly, finishing off yesterday with a new record of over 12,000 points! If you're new to folding and want to know more about joining UGN, toss a question or two into UGN's drive to the Top thread to find out more. Also, make sure you check out the business card contest; it ends next weekend, and $50 is up for grabs. Finally, the mighty Leor, winner of the first Terahertz Project, has officially launched the sequel, THZ II - Take Down the Cap'n. There are a few rule changes this time, so read up before you tally your latest borg. Those few things are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There's loads more going on in the DC forums, and in the coming weeks, we could see a development that has the potential to turn the entire folding community on its ear. Stay tuned.

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