$100 laptop project makes progress

The $100 laptop project championed by MIT appears to be gaining momentum. A number of companies, including Google, Red Hat, and AMD have each contributed $2 million to fund One Laptop Per Child, an organization that will oversee the project. An early version of the system will also be on display at a UN technology conference in Tunisia this week, although the device's screen is apparently several months away from completion.

While the $100 laptop project aims to equip the developing world with portable computers, a version of the budget laptop may also be available to the general public in more developed nations. The laptop would carry a slightly higher price, with part of the profits going to subsidize the project.

Interestingly, Apple's Steve Jobs offered to allow the project to use OS X free of charge. That offer was declined, however. The project apparently wants to keep the device's operating system open source, and will use Red Hat Linux.

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