Poll time: Next-gen consoles

We've whipped up a new poll for your voting pleasure, but before we get into that, let's take a moment to recap the results of our last poll on system memory. If building a system today, a whopping 56% of voters would spring for 2GB of memory, with 34% settling for 1GB. 5% of voters would go all out and equip a system with 4GB of RAM, while 2% would settle for 512MB. The final 2% of voters would run more than 4GB of memory.

Our latest poll is inspired by Microsoft's imminent Xbox 360 launch, and asks the following:

Which next-gen console are you most likely to purchase?
Will you be lining up next week for Microsoft's latest, holding out for Cell and the PlayStation 3, or is your heart set on the Revolution's funky controller? Let us know!
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