Stick that DIMM in the vise has an interesting article up about a RAM compression chip developed by IBM. The chip will sit between memory chips and the rest of the system, compressing the data stored in RAM and offering a best case doubling of available memory.

The article talks about how the chip can improve performance "without piling on more expensive memory chips." A couple of weeks ago I would've argued with them, but maybe they're just predicting fallout from the Rambus developments of the last couple of weeks.

Regardless, I think the author is a little out of touch with memory prices. The article claims that PC owners would save "$300 to $1,000 by halving their memory . . . ." Umm, excuse me? A 256MB PC133 DIMM is only $268 at the moment, and I don't think that many people have 512MB or more in the ol' PC. Maybe the author is thinking in terms of RIMMs. That certainly makes the figures realistic, not to mention scary.

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