Global server market grows 8.1% in Q3

DigiTimes reports that revenues in the global server market grew 8.1% in the third quarter of 2005, to 12.5 billion US dollars. Growth was driven by the entry-level and mid-range server segments. High-end servers saw a 1.2% decline in revenue for the fourth consecutive quarter.

Both Microsoft and Linux posted strong overall growth, with Linux shipments rising by 20.5% while Microsoft shipments were up 15.3%. The overall x86 market grew well, with total shipments rising 16%. Interestingly, however, 32-bit x86 server sales dropped a full 60%; revenue from x86-64 servers accounted for 69% of all x86 server spending.

There was no specific Intel-vs.-AMD breakout, but the article notes that IBM continues to lead in world server shipments at 32.3% of the market (up 0.7% year over year) with HP in second place at 27.8% (up 1.1%) and Dell a distant third, at 10.5% (up 0.4%). Sun continues to lose share and has fallen to 8.7% of the market, but it's too soon to tell if the company's new Niagara and Opteron offerings will help.

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