AMD vows to grow at 2X the market rate

Forbes has an excellent article up that summarizes much of what's been going on at AMD over the past few weeks and what kind of predictions the company is making for 2006. According to the article, AMD will focus its efforts next year on the business datacenter and mobile markets, both of which have remained Intel strongholds to date. AMD's guidance for the next 12 months is ambitious. The company intends to grow at double market rates, expects to see further Opteron penetration at all enterprise levels, and has announced plans to partner with certain unannounced companies in order to develop specialized "accelerator" cores to enhance the Opteron's performance in specific high-performance computing tasks.

AMD's predictions and goals are quite bullish, but it'd be a mistake to dismiss them as mere rhetoric. The company's stock is currently trading at a four-year high of $27 per share, and the new Fab 36 will significantly increase its manufacturing capacity. Intel obviously isn't going anywhere, but 2006 might be the year AMD finally makes the transition from "annoying thorn" to "serious threat."

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