GeForce Go 7300 benchmarked

HKEPC Hardware has an interesting look at the performance of NVIDIA's GeForce Go 7300 mobile graphics processor. Otherwise known as G72M, the chip is build using 90-nano fabrication tech, has four pixel pipes and three vertex engines, and runs at 350MHz core and 700MHz memory. Although the GeForce Go 7300's clock speeds match those of its predecessor, the GeForce Go 6200, the 7300 offers better performance across several 3D benchmarks and games.

NVIDIA has yet to announce a desktop version of the GeForce 7300, but it seems likely that one will eventually replace the GeForce 6200 line. Hopefully that replacement comes sooner rather than later, because the current GeForce 6200 TurboCache line is far too complicated. There are four different versions of the 6200 TurboCache, each with a unique combination of memory bus width and clock speed. Performance varies quite a bit between each version of the card, and manufacturers don't always make it obvious which one they're offering.

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