300GB holographic discs promised in 2006

While the companies behind the Blu-ray and HD-DVD standards squabble over specifications, InPhase Technologies and Hitachi Maxell are working on a holographic memory disc that promises to squeeze as much as 1.6 terabytes onto a DVD-sized medium. Holographic memory has been hyped for some time, but the companies claim they'll have discs and a drive available on the market by the end of next year. The first discs will fall well short of the disc's apparent 1.6TB potential, though. Initial offerings are only expected to weigh in at 300GB, but that's still six times the capacity of a dual-layer Blu-ray disc.

Although it boasts a significantly higher storage density than either Blu-ray or HD-DVD, InPhase and Hitachi Maxell's holographic disc isn't being pushed as a consumer-level alternative to either. There's no mention of how much discs or drives may cost, and you know what the say about having to ask.

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