Sun announces eBay as a new AMD64 customer

Sun's decision to launch a new server line based on AMD's Opteron processor appears to be paying off for the beleaguered manufacturer. As of late yesterday afternoon, Sun and eBay have jointly announced a new "collaborative alliance" under which eBay will purchase hundreds of new Sun Fire x64 and Sun StorEdge systems. Specifically mentioned are the Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 servers, both of which are powered by single or dual-core Opteron processors.

Even an ongoing contract with eBay isn't going to make or break the bottom line of either AMD or Sun, but it's excellent PR for both—and further proof, if any were needed, that major manufacturers at all levels of business are sitting up and taking notice of the server market's latest player. Anyone else remember when analysts and industry pundits confidently predicted that there was no way, no how, anyone anywhere would ever buy an AMD server, no matter what?

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