Netscape vs IE: Yadda yadda yadda

Wired is reporting that IE has won the browser wars. According to a new survey, IE has an 86% market share. I suppose one could call that a victory. The article points out that this was exactly what the DOJ hoped to prevent by filing its anti-trust lawsuit. I'm shocked to admit this, but I share Microsoft's viewpoint on this one: IE won because it's a better product. Let the Netscape loving hordes descend upon me with their flamethrowers.

More interesting, however, is the revelation that a research firm estimates that more people will be tapping into the Internet via wireless devices than PC's by the end of 2002. Does anybody buy this? Even assuming that the current ridiculous fees for PDA/cellphone net access go away, who wants to use a tiny, typically black and white screen? Weigh in with your opinions here.

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