Matrox DualHead2Go reviewed

PCStats has published a review of Matrox's new DualHead2Go video adapter system. In addition to proving that Matrox still exists, the DualHead2Go (Analog Edition) is designed to accept a single video signal from a laptop's VGA-out port, duplicate it, and then clone it across two additional displays. This device allows a notebook user to clone one desktop across up to three displays or to create a single, unified desktop up to three displays wide.

There are resolution and adapter limitations, all of which the review discusses, but the price of the unit ($169 USD) and its obvious niche application leave me wondering how Matrox actually turns a profit these days. If you're a notebook owner jonesing to create a massive desktop there's no doubt you'll want one under the Christmas treeā€”but will we ever see a mass-market product from Matrox again?

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