Intel releases 820 without fixing its RDRAM bugs

How strange. You know Intel is feeling the heat when they opt to release a product like the new 820 chipset without fixing its RAM problems entirely. The 820 chipset was delayed because of a problem with using three RDRAM RIMMs on an 820-based motherboard simultaneously. EBNews has published a Semiconductor News report claiming that, though the 820's introduction was delayed, Intel released the 820 without first working out the RIMM problems:
Intel has not completed validation testing of three-RIMM motherboard configurations, according to a company spokesman today. Intel has not decided if it will rework the 820 design or change system specifications for motherboards using three RIMMs.

The inability to use three RIMMs instead of two memory modules will reduce some of the flexibility in systems but it will not limit the maximum use of Direct Rambus DRAMs in desktop PCs, said the Intel spokesman. The 820 chip set handles up to 32 memory devices, which can be placed on two RIMMs. With the 128-Mbit DRDRAMs, two RIMMs can provide the maximum memory for the 820 chip set at 512 Mbytes. In the first quarter next year, 256-Mbit DRDRAMs are expected to become available for 1-Gbytes on two RIMMs, the Intel spokesman said.

Thanks to the 'shack for the tip.
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