NVIDIA to intro 90-nano desktop GPUs in Q1'06

Citing sources within Taiwanese graphics card manufacturers, DigiTimes is claiming that NVIDIA will introduce new G72 and G73 desktop graphics processors in the first quarter of next year. The chips will be built using 90-nano fabrication technology, and will power the GeForce 7200 and 7600 series, respectively. ATI is expected to launch its R580 graphics chip in the same timeframe, although as a high-end product, it obviously won't compete with the 7200 or 7600 series.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the DigiTimes story is the suggestion that supplies of new Radeon X1000 series graphics cards will improve significantly in the first quarter of 2006. A component shortage has apparently been responsible for tight supplies of several Radeon graphics cards, including the X1000 family, and older low-end cards like the X300.

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