iSuppli reports annual semiconductor rankings

iSuppli has released its yearly report on top semiconductor companies and their year-on-year growth (report available on DigiTimes). Intel, unsurprisingly, remains in the #1 spot with sales of nearly $36 billion dollars and yearly growth of 14.4%. AMD moves into the top ten this year for the first time, at ninth place. Projected revenue for AMD is $5.7 billion dollars, up 11.8% from 2004.

The year's big mover, however, is definitely IBM. Big Blue doesn't crack the top ten list, as its semiconductor revenue of 3.2 billion dollars is only enough to secure the 18th slot, but it posts the highest year-on-year growth of any company in the top 25, with an impressive 30% revenue jump compared to 2004. Of all the companies listed, IBM definitely seems to be the one to watch. If the console sales data listed here is accurate, there were around 22 million consoles sold in 2004. The next-generation consoles will take time to reach those kinds of figures, but by the end of 2006 all three contenders will be shipping with IBM processors.

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