Intel announces India investment intentions

EETimes reports today that Intel is set to invest more than $1 billion in India over the next five years. The money will go towards expanding Intel's operations in the area, and investing in local technology companies. In addition, Intel plans to spend $800 million to expand research and development in Bangalore, where it already employees over 3,000 engineers.

This news comes on the heels of AMD's recently announced partnership with technology consortium SemIndia to develop an Indian CPU fabrication plant. The coincidental timing is worthy of an eye-roll or two, but it's interesting to compare and contrast how AMD's smaller pool of resources force it to create consortiums or cooperation, while Intel can simply stroll in with its own financial weight. Regardless of which company's product you prefer, the competition between the two of them is poised to inject billions of dollars into one of the IT industry's current global hotspots. In theory, that's good for everyone, all the way around.

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