Cold, HardOCP stages warm, fuzzy raffle

Kyle Bennett is raffling off his personal computer in order to benefit Child's Play. As you might expect, this is no ordinary Pee Cee. The raffled system will be cybernetically enhanced by implants from an array of sponsors, including AMD, BFG Tech, and Falcon Northwest, and the end result is formidable:
The system has approximately 700GB of storage (3 Raptors and other SATA and IDE hard drives), 2GB of Corsair RAM, an ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe SLI motherboard, a Thermaltake 500w PSU, a Koolance EXOS water cooling system, multiple Vantec EZ Swap hard drive bays, all mounted in a Cooler Master CM-Stacker 820 chassis.
Tickets for the raffle are 10 bucks a pop, and every cent goes to charity. Go check it out.
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