The Tech Report's Christmas 2005 giveaway

LET'S FACE IT. Most people aren't qualified to shop for us techie types. Don't even try to explain what you want. You might as well be speaking Farsi to a tree frog. Your momma's not gonna get you the parts for that new PC upgrade. There won't be an SLI rig under the tree on Christmas morning, and you won't see a 2GB DIMM kit sticking out of your stocking. It just ain't gonna happen.

But we here at TR know what you'd like for Christmas, and we aim to help. With the aid of some generous sponsors, including AMD, BFG Tech, ECS, and Newegg, we've lined up the components for a major PC upgrade—four sets of them, actually—and in the spirit of the season, we're going to give 'em away to four lucky readers.

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