Intel waiving SiS' entry-level chipset fee

DigiTimes reports Intel will stop charging SiS a royalty fee on entry-level chipsets beginning in Q1 2006. We've mentioned Intel's lower-than-expected chipset production before, but DigiTimes has provided some numbers from Mercury Research and other souces on how market share is expected to shift.

According to the article, PCs based on Intel chipsets accounted for 62% of the market in Q3 2005, while non-Intel chipset PCs accounted for 38%. By the end of Q1 2006, the proportions are expected to shift dramatically, with only 47% of PCs built on Intel chipsets and 53% built on non-Intel products. Intel's preemptive price break for SiS seems aimed at ensuring that third-party chipset vendors stay committed to developing and providing solutions for the Pentium platforms.

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