Blogger puts 180solutions' software to the test

Blogger Mike Burgess has an investigative report (initially linked at exploring 180solutions' Zango software and the company's claims regarding its status as legal adware. If you recall, 180solutions sued Zone Labs over ZoneAlarm's classification of Zango as a malicious program.

Burgess installed Zango to a clean Windows XP SP2 system and monitored the program's activity. The results don't cast 180solutions in a very good light. Burgess found that Zango hooks itself into the system, loads itself into every program, and calls home frequently. Zango tries to to copy information directly from the clipboard, and it attempts to phone home in the middle of an email account sign-in attempt. 180solutions' complaint and the issues it raised were, in my opinion, potentially valid, but if the company turns out to be misrepresenting its program's activities, then raising those issues was merely a high-handed attempt to cloud the issue.

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