AMD introduces new interactive roadmap

Details of AMD's future plans have been scarce in recent months, but at long last, AMD has introduced a new interactive product roadmap that covers both near-term and long-term plans, separates market segment data, and gives details on future technology rollouts. Current and future CPU features are (mostly) linked, with definitions provided through small pop-up windows when clicked.

The near-term product listings are useful but don't contain any real surprises. The longer-term (three year) outlook is quite handy for a look at where AMD is headed. We discussed quite a bit of this information here, but the new site gives some new details. Currently, DDR2 is slated for rollout in 2006, with FB-DIMMs to follow in 2007 and DDR3 projected for 2008. AMD also plans to introduce CPUs with more than two cores on a die in 2007, with a shared L3 cache and additional AMD64 instruction extensions to follow in that same year. Greater than 8-way computing follows in 2008—AMD will be extending its architecture to support additional CPUs without requiring any additional core logic.

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