ATI releases new dual-core optimized drivers

ATI released its new 5.12 Catalyst driver today, available for download here. This is ATI's first driver that supposedly boosts performance on dual-core or Hyper-Threaded systems, with the following games and programs explicitly mentioned as receiving a boost:
  • 3DMark05 gains as much as 5.7%
  • 3DMark03 gains as much as 3.3%
  • 3DMark2001 SE gains up to 10%
  • Aquamark 3 gains up to 16%
  • Comanche 4 improves as much as 20%
  • Far Cry gains as much as 25% on some product configurations
  • Half-Life 2 performance improves as much as 8%
  • Splinter Cell improves as much as 8% in certain parts of the game
  • Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness runs as much as 10% faster
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 framerates improve as much as 10%
  • It'll be interesting to see how many games that aren't on this list see a benefit from the new drivers. There are a number of bug fixes and known issues also listed. Most of each appear minor, though anyone who plays Dark Age of Camelot may want to stay away from this driver set—ATI lists a known issue where the game exits to desktop immediately after launching or displays a VPU failure after about 15 minutes.
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