ATI cuts prices on Radeon X1600 line

ATI has slashed prices on the Radeon X1600 series, with the X1600 Pro (256MB version) falling to $129 from a $199 MSRP at launch. The X1600 XT (256MB) gets a similar cut, dropping to $179 from $249 at launch. Overall, the price reductions make a lot of sense for ATIā€”our recent GeForce 6800 GS review found the Radeon X1600 XT utterly unable to keep up with the 6800 GS in real-world gaming, despite their rough price parity. At their new price points, the Radeon X1600 Pro and XT will bracket the GeForce 6600 GT nicely, and they should compete much more effectively against NVIDIA's mid-range cards.
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