All-in-Wonder X1800 XL loses CrossFire capability

Beyond3D has confirmed that it will not be possible to enjoy the benefits of an All-in-Wonder CrossFire configuration with Radeon X1800 series graphics cards.
Due to the nature of the composite engine’s task on the Crossfire master board it has to be the display device, and this is where the issue for All-In-Wonder boards crops up. Under a Crossfire system the All-In-Wonder board would need to be the slave board, which means that it is not the display board, however the All-In-Wonder board houses the TV-Tuner hardware and the resultant processed signal is passed to the VIP (Video Input Port) of the graphics processor on that board – in order for any TV output to be displayed the image would then need to be processed on the All-In-Wonder board and then passed to the Crossfire master card for display.
Presumably because of the complexity of processing a video signal on an All-in-Wonder and passing it to a CrossFire master card, ATI has elected not to support All-in-Wonder CrossFire configurations that require a master card. That would seem to leave the door open for AIW CrossFire configurations involving Radeon X1300 or X1600-class products that apparently won't need master cards. However, ATI has yet to announce All-in-Wonder versions of either.
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