Sapphire ships CrossFire-capable X1600s

DigiTimes is reporting that Sapphire has shipped CrossFire-ready Radeon X1600 Pro and XT graphics cards. The XT enjoys 590MHz core and 1.38GHz memory clocks, while the Pro is clocked at 500MHz core and 800MHz memory. Interestingly, the Pro will be available with 128, 256, or 512MB of RAM, while the XT is 256MB-only. Both use a 128-bit memory bus, though. Pictures of the cards suggest that both rely on active cooling, as well.

Recent price cuts should make the Radeon X1600 family considerably more appealing, although current supplies appear to be limited. Only three cards are listed for sale online, and only Newegg appears to have X1600s in stock.

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