NVIDIA announces CheapForce MX

— 12:51 AM on June 29, 2000

NVIDIA announced a new GPU core today based on their GeForce 2 GTS design. The new core, named GeForce 2 MX, is targeted towards the mainstream PC market. In the announcement NVIDIA outlines two new features on the GeForce 2 MX. Here's a bit from the NVIDIA press release:

In addition to blazingly fast 2D and 3D graphics, GeForce2 MX provides unparalleled display flexibility with its new TwinView display architecture. Through TwinView, GeForce2 MX supports a dizzying array of multidisplay configurations. Various combinations of multiple monitors, flat panels, and TVs can be connected to a single GeForce2 MX GPU. TwinView even supports two independent digital flat panels, an industry first, providing relief for severely constrained desktop environments.

And some info on the second new feature:

GeForce2 MX incorporates NVIDIA's new Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) technology. DVC makes all visuals more crisp, colorful, and vibrant. In most office environments, fluorescent lighting makes visuals washed out and muted. With DVC, 2D and 3D graphics, images, and video are much brighter and cleaner thereby reducing eyestrain and improving the viewing experience.

I know what you're thinking, "Yeah sure.. But how fast is it?" To answer your question, check out Anand's review. You can find the original NVIDIA press release here, and here is Guillemot's press release announcing two new 3D Prophet boards based on the new chipset.

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