Japanese court releases JFTC's Intel evidence

In what may be a turning point for AMD's anti-trust suits against Intel, the Tokyo District Court has ordered the Japanese Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) to release the evidence it obtained during raids on Intel's Japanese division (Intel K.K.) The evidence released is the same material the JFTC used as the basis for its recommendation against Intel earlier this year. Intel has made no official comment on the Tokyo court's decision.

This decision is a major win for AMD. AMD's complaint against Intel makes reference to the JFTC's findings and Intel's acceptance of its recommendation. Legally, in Japan, Intel was free to accept the JFTC's recommendation while disputing their findings of anti-competitive behavior and monopolistic abuse. Now, however, AMD should be able to submit both the JFTC's findings and the actual documents on which those findings were based as evidence in U.S. courts and elsewhere.

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