Corsair, Ultra get into the Christmas spirit

Our Christmas 2005 giveaway just got even better thanks to the addition of two more generous sponsors who have decided to join us. Corsair has stepped forward with a load of high-quality RAM to populate our prize combos, and Ultra has agreed to provide some of its gorgeous X-Finity power supplies to keep 'em running.

For the Grand Prize Combo, Corsiar has pitched in a 2GB kit of its XMS Pro series DIMMs rated to 2-3-2-6 1T timings at speeds up to 437MHz. These fancy Pro-series modules come with an activity LED array on top that will hypnotize your pets and small children. Our three Runner-Up Combos will include a kit of Corsair's Value Select modules, also fully 2GB in only two DIMMs, that will leave slots open for even more RAM down the road, should you feel the need.

Ultra's contribution to the Grand Prize Combo is a 600W version of its shiny X-Finity PSUs that come with flexy cables for easy routing. The three Runner-Up Combos will each include a 500W version of the same. Ultra will even let the winners choose from black, blue, and titanium finishes.

The goodies should neatly complement our other prize-combo components, including processors from AMD, video cards from BFG Tech, mobos from ECS, and Ideazon gaming keyboards from Newegg. The additions bring Grand Prize Combo up to the following list of killer parts:

Our rough estimates place the value of the Grand Prize at over $1300. Yow. Not only that, but our three—count 'em—Runner-Up Combos will each include the following: Each of these Runner-Up Combos is worth over $1100, and the total value of all four prize packages is somewhere north of $4600, by my count. If you haven't yet, go read the rules, answer the simple questions, and sign up for the giveaway.

The CPUs and video cards are waiting...

Thanks again to our generous sponsors for making our Christmas 2005 giveaway possible and especially to Corsair and Ultra for agreeing to sweeten the pot. Also, kudos to TR's biz guy, Adam, for pulling it all togther. We should have four very lucky winners come December 27th.

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