Uber-old-school overclocking?

Daniel writes, in broken but decipherable English:
Hi over there,

My name is Daniel and I have a question about overclocking. My brother owns a 468-SX 33MHZ PC (it's a little bit ancient, but it works) and we want to boost it a little bit up. Is that possible? We just wanna do this for fun, maybe, if it gets faster, we could use it as a server for our network. We won't gonna play on the thing, but just only running for our cabel internet connection.

Hmmm.. Well, I'd think a 486SX might just be overclockable with the right jumper settings, but he'll have to find those by looking at any markings on motherboard or at its (surely lost by now!) manual. But I dunno.

Any of you guys have experience in really old-school overclocking? I still had my 'miggy 3000 back in the 486 days.

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