Next-gen NV50 to come next summer?

Citing sources within Taiwanese graphics card makers, DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA is planning to launch a flurry of 90-nano graphics chips next year. Graphics chips code-named G71, G72, and G73 are expected to launch towards the end of the first quarter, with G71 apparently targeting high-end markets. NVIDIA's new high-end part will likely face off against ATI's R580, whose production has apparently been accelerated.

Interestingly, the DigiTimes article also suggests that NVIDIA will launch a new flagship NV50 chip in the middle of next year. It's unclear whether this chip will represent a radical departure from the architecture that powers the GeForce 7 series, but it's been suggested that some NV50 technologies will make their way into the graphics chip for the PlayStation 3.

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