Albatron announces AGP-based GeForce 6800 GS

Those of us still using AGP-based systems just got an early Christmas present. DigiTimes reports Albatron has launched a new, AGP-flavored GeForce 6800 GS video card. Performance-wise the GeForce 6800 GS and GeForce 6800 GT are nearly identical, but 6800 GS cards are typically much cheaper than 6800 GTs—or at least that's how things stack up in the PCI Express world. I tried to price current 6800 GT AGP cards, but was quite surprised at how scarce they seem to have become. Newegg has none in stock, and Froogle doesn't turn up a wealth of options either. Prices on the AGP model, when available, seem to run in the $350-$400 range. If Albatron's AGP 6800 GS lands in the same $200-$240 range as the current PCI-E models, vendors may be hard pressed to keep them in stock.

Now, if only someone would build an AGP-based GeForce 7800 GT, I'd finally be able to upgrade without dumping my motherboard.

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