Amiga: Not dead yet

The most interesting story to hit my inbox in the past day has got to be this interview at Gamer's Depot with the CEO of Amiga. It takes a certain kind of person to leave a decent job at a big PC manufacturer and go try to resurrect a computer that was once great, but is now (almost) hopelessly out of date. But it sounds like the company has some interesting ideas for making the Amiga OS a cross-platform application layer thingy.

The funny thing is, they're talking about running games on the thing, so that an Amiga game could run on anything from a handheld to a console to a full-blown Pee Cee computer. If you were ever an Amiga freak (like me), you may recall the strident cries from the zealots: "Not just a gaming machine!" Looks like those few of 'em still left in the Amiga camp may be in for some nasty flashbacks soon.

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